Some Other Tips To Design The Perfect Website

We reach one of the most important points because the material is what attracts users. Video and images are your best allies when it comes to increasing user interest. Use social networks or include a corporate blog to disseminate your content better and do not forget to create a search engine to facilitate access to specific content.


You should bear in mind that one of the main reasons why users leave a web page is the excessive load time of it. Make sure that your site fast so does not include elements that nothing will contribute. Such is the case with individual effects that only get to distract users from their actual goal: the content. Of course, never leave out security and do not spare the expense of making your site a site where users feel safe.

What Should Not Be Done?

Never use more than three ads per page or overwhelm the user and of course, try to avoid automatic playback videos that do not allow the user to decide if he wants to listen or watch them. Do not forget to see the complete list of the 69 tips that will make the design of your website be sewing and singing.

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